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EXERCISE THERAPY PALIESIUS CLINIC – the most attractive health tourism destination in Lithuania in 2019

“Patients from outside Lithuania come for treatment from overweight, diabetes, stress and insomnia. The woods next to the manor have cognitive paths suitable for hiking and cycling, while in winter there are ski trails.”

Medically Supervised Physical Exercise Therapy Programme

Disease prevention and treatment following an individually prescribed programme of physical exercise therapy. Find some time for improving your health with the help of individually prescribed physical exercises!

Weight loss weekend “Fat Fight Camp”

Fat Fight Camp – active 3-day educational – practical health-enhancement programme for people concerned with their weight. Give yourself the opportunity to change your lifestyle and deepen your knowledge of the most important issues of healthy living!

Stress reduction weekend “Stress Fight Camp”

Stress Fight Camp – active 3-day educational – practical health-enhancing programme for people suffering from permanent stress. Give yourself the opportunity to change the environment, to escape stress and deepen the knowledge of drug-free health-enhancement, stress perception and control over the stress methods.


For treating purposes, physical exercises applied in the clinic are:
• individually prescribed and selected for each patient according to his/her clinical status (role of medical staff) and physical condition (role of experts in physical exercises) at the present time,
• individually dosed (considering clinical parameters and physical abilities),
• carried out under the supervision of physicians and qualified physical exercise experts,
• carried out with constant monitoring and evaluation of clinical parameters,
• adjusted according to the individual response of the organism to physical activity.

Clinical safety is one of the most important aspects of clinical activity. The clinic uses the modern medical and information technology solutions, which enables constant follow-up of patient’s cardiovascular status during physical exercising or at rest (electrocardiogram, heart and respiratory rates) using “almost real-time” monitoring. During physical exercising, laboratory and functional tests are performed. The permanent monitoring and evaluation of the patient’s status ensure safe and clinically effective treatment and/or disease prevention by performing physical exercises.

We are ready to help if you:
• suffer from overweight or obesity,
• have high blood pressure or complain of cardiovascular system disorders,
• have diabetes or pre-diabetic status,
• have the metabolic syndrome (obesity, high blood pressure, elevated fasting blood sugar levels, dyslipidemia, hyperinsulinemia) complain of back, muscle or joint aches,
• suffer from injuries or operations of the musculoskeletal system,
• experience constant stress and/or feel chronic fatigue.

We can also help if you:
• want to change your lifestyle and/or start living a healthier by introducing physical exercises in your daily life in order to treat or prevent diseases;
• have some doubts about your ability to perform physical exercises properly and/or monitor your health while exercising;
• want to treat diseases by drug-free and same time evidence-based physical exercise method;
• want effectively lose weight without any risk to your health.

Our specialists can communicate with the patients in English, Russian and Lithuanian languages.

Joana Bikulčienė
Head of Clinic
Antanas Pempė
Head of Clinical Activities, Medical Doctor
Aušra Lūžaitė
Medical doctor
Augustė Baltinienė
Medical doctor
Ernesta Vaivadaitė
Health psychologist, administrator
Urtė Gargalskaitė
Doctor of cardiology
Valdemaras Kavaliauskas
Wellness trainer
Paulius Uksas
Medical doctor
Audronė Grigalevičienė
Giedrė Leknickaitė
David Engstedt
Ergoterapeutas, Klinikos atstovas Skandinavijos šalyse
Saulius Deveikis
Medical doctor - consultant

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