Q:I have atrial fibrilation, can i train and improve my fitness?

A: Yes you can, However it is important to train in the correct way according to your body’s responses. Rhythm disturbances can be life threatening so a careful examination during realistic activity is important.

At Paliesius clinic we can examine how your body responds to exercise and physical strain and make a program for you to improve your fitness with minimum risk and harm to your body.

Q: I have hyper tension, how can that affect my training and competing?

A: Physical activity increases blood pressure and if you have hyper tension it can negatively affect your health. But if you exercise in a correct way you can not only train but also improve your high blood pressure.

Training with blood pressure medication can be a challenge as the medication can interfere with the bodies natural and needed responses. Medication also always have unwanted side effects.

To be able to train safe and effective it is necessary to make an individual physical exercise test with arterial hypertension monitoring. After these tests the team of doctors at Paliesius can recommend safe physical load and prescribe you with an individualized physical recipe for management of high blood pressure.

Q: My doctor told me to stop competing because it puts to much stress on my body. Is there a way for me to compete without putting to much stress on my body?

A: Competing doesn’t necessarily have to put a lot of stress on your body as long as you know your safe effort zones and limit your effort within those zones. 

At Paliesius we test you during your sport to be able to get your safe effort zones in your sport. All sports are very different and put different demands on your body. It is our believe that testing is needed to be done under a realistic situation and correct demands.

Q: I am worried that something will happen to me during running or exercise, how can I feel more safe when running?

A: It is very important to identify why exactly are you worried. If you are worried about an excessive physical activity that can negatively affect your health, At Paliesius clinic we can recommend you individualized physical recipe for the health enhancing physical activity, which you can get after running specific tests in our Clinic.

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